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RP 1000 Cylinder head and block resurfacer

The RP 1000 is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks as well as all flat surfaces which require a high mating surface of finishing and accuracy. All parts composing the machine as basement, table, column and head are of high quality cast iron widely well-framed which offers high rigidity and sturdiness features.
Table feed operates by a ball screw drive extremely precise even at slow feed speeds; a frequency inverter which controls the ball screw driving motoreducer, offers a variable speed feed widely adjustable by potentiometer.

Table travel 1050 mm
Max workpiece lenght 895 mm
Max workpiece width 315 mm
Max workpiece height 545 mm
Min workpiece height 125 mm
Segmented grinding wheel diameter 315 mm
Variable head speed rotation 300 - 1500 rpm
Variable table travel speed 0 - 1500 mm/min
Head motor 4,0 kW
Table motor 0.75 kW
Head rapid feed motor 0.18 kW
Coolant pump motor 0.10 kW
Dimensions (LxLxH) 1680x1140x1820 mm
Weight 1015 Kg
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