Cylinder honing machine
The LEV250 is a machine specifically engineered for cylinder honing of cylinder blocks, as well as for all other kind of precise industrial applications where such operation is requested.
The sturdy construction of the machine offers a high structural rigidity, thereby assuring an extremely accurate finishing.
The honing head feed system is carried out through a piston started by an hydraulic unit, and the rotation is activated by a powerful electrical motor.
Thanks to the touch screen control system, which is located in front of the operator, it is possible to enter the work parameters to be calculated by the integrated software, thus speeding up the operation and increasing the honing head's rotation speed.

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Standard equipment
  • Head movement on linear guides
  • Vertical honing head travel by hydraulic system
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Operating software for manual and automatic working process
  • Double effect hand-wheel for expanding/retracting the honing head
  • Dia. 63÷139 mm expansible honing head
  • Cooling system with magnetic filtering system
  • Universal cylinder blocks fixture
  • Splash and safety guards
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Min-Max honing diameter *depending on type of honing head
25÷500* mm
Max spindle travel
250 mm
Spindle rotation speed
0÷170 RPM
Max distance table-honing head
600 mm
Max longitudinal head travel
800 mm
Max workpiece dimensions
900x800x550 mm
Spindle motor
Hydraulic pump motor
Cooling pump motor
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1520x950x2260 mm
Net weight
600 Kg