TR1000 + CPS150
Brake disc and drum lathe
TR 1000 is a heavy duty brake drum lathe for cars and trucks particularly indicate to those mechanics who are seeking for a reliable product of quality and easy to use at a reasonable price. In fact it has been designed on the experience of the model TR 1500 but removing all those attachments not needed to some kind of users; however such devices are available, on demand, as optional equipment like the shaft support arm for twin wheel machining (CPS150) or the powered cross slide feed for disc turning (TR1996).
The main features of TR 1000 are the structural reliability granted by the wide use of cast iron for all composing machine parts as basement, tables and lathe unit box, and the easiness to use thanks to few and intuitive commands conveniently located that allow all adjustments in order to always obtain best result of accuracy and finishing.
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Dotacion standard
  • Soporte porta barra
  • Portaherramientas para tambores
  • Herramientas para torneado de tambores
  • Pantalla de protection
  • Correa anti vibraciones para tambores
  • Eje porta conos Ø 50 mm con dado y llave
  • Espaciadores
  • Conos de centrado
  • Llaves de servicio
  • Manual de instruction
Datos técnicos
Min-Max drum turning diameter
150÷1170 mm
Min-Max disc turning diameter
0÷855 mm
Longitudinal table travel
410 mm
Cross slide travel
145 mm
Spindle rotation speed
30÷120 rpm
Longitudinal table feed
0÷30 mm/min.
Cross slide feed (option)
0÷30 mm/min.
Spindle motor power
1.5 kW
Table motor power
0.07 kW
Dimensions LxWxH
655 kg
Accessorios y repuestos
Cuchillas de reposición para UT0011, UT5008 y UT5009 (10 unidades) 
UT5008 / UT5009
Herramienta con inserto derecho (UT5008)
e izquierdo (UT5009)
Bridas de centrado para tambores de frenos
Brida universal para tambores sin cubo
Accesorio para centrado de tambores y discos de vehículos livianos y semipesados, eje de diámetro 30 mm
Accesorio para centrado de tambores y discos pequeños, eje de diámetro 18 mm
Porta herramientas doble y ajustable para discos
Herramienta con inserto para tambores
Dispositivo para rectificación de tambores y volantes 
Brazo de apoyo para guinche, con carro deslizador