TR1000+ CPS150
Brake disc and drum lathe
TR 1000 is a heavy duty brake drum lathe for cars and trucks particularly indicate to those mechanics who are seeking for a reliable product of quality and easy to use at a reasonable price. In fact it has been designed on the experience of the model TR 1500 but removing all those attachments not needed to some kind of users; however such devices are available, on demand, as optional equipment like the shaft support arm for twin wheel machining (CPS150) or the powered cross slide feed for disc turning (TR1996).
The main features of TR 1000 are the structural reliability granted by the wide use of cast iron for all composing machine parts as basement, tables and lathe unit box, and the easiness to use thanks to few and intuitive commands conveniently located that allow all adjustments in order to always obtain best result of accuracy and finishing.
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  • Boring bar support
  • Boring bar for large drums
  • Large drum turning tool
  • Safety guard
  • Truck drum silencer band
  • Ø 50 mm shaft with nut and spanner
  • Spaces
  • Centring cones
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Technische Daten
Diamètre min-max de tournage tambours
150÷1170 mm
Diamètre max de tournage disques
0÷855 mm
Course table longitudinale
410 mm
Course chariot transversal
145 mm
Vitesse rotation broche
30÷120 rpm
Avance table longitudinale
0÷30 mm/min.
Avance table transversale (optionnelle)
0÷30 mm/min.
Puissance moteur mandrin
1.5 kW
Puissance moteur table
0.07 kW
Dimensions (LxPxH)
655 kg
Zubehör Und Ersatzteile
Wendeplatte für UT0011, UT5008 und UT5009 (10 stk.)
UT5008 / UT5009
Right (UT5008) and left (UT5009) hand L shaped
insert tool holder
Universaler Flansch für Trommeln ohne Nabe
Klein LKW und pkw scheiben und trommeln zentrierung aufspannsatz

Klein trommeln und scheibe - Ø 18 mm Welle

Truck drum insert tool
Armkran zum Trommeln heben