Cylinder head guide press
BGV220 is the practical, quick and precise solution for valve guide replacement operations and on cylinder heads. The technical characteristics,the robust construction and generous work capacity, offer the possibility to operate on a wide range of headers. The combined hydraulic/mechanical system allows the upper hydraulic cylinder to press uniformly on the guide to be extracted and, at the same time, lift the press body up to rest in the lower part of the load cell which determines the working pressure. The value detected by the load cell is indicated by the precise pressure measurement system by means of a gauge. In this way the operator knows the correct operating pressure that can be adjusted by acting on the dedicated valve, up to a maximum of 5 tons. The robust cradle provides a stable and secure support to the head, even the heaviest and bulky ones and, with the side handwheel, can be rotated up to ± 50° in order to find the optimal working position. The efficient LED lighting system and the convenient slide panel containing a large set of tools complete the machine’s equipment.

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  • Hydraulic unit
  • Working pressure reading system with pressure gauge
  • Swivel cradle with adjustable supports
  • Set of push-guide tips
  • Equipment tray
  • Integrated LED spotlights
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Technische Daten
Horizontal travel
600 mm
Vertical movement
100 mm
Cylinder travel
260 mm
Table rotation
± 50°
Max cylinder head length
800 mm
Max cylinder head and block width
300 mm
Working pressure
180 bar
Working force
0 - 5 ton
Motor power
1,5 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH) 
1100x900x1700 mm
410 Kg
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Valve removal kit