Flywheel and clutch pressure plate grinder
Comec RTV612 - Flywheel And Clutch Pressure Plate Grinder
The RTV600 grinding machine represents the most advanced solution in terms of reconditioning of flywheels, clutch friction plates and pressure plates in industrial vehicles. Thanks to its flexibility, this flywheel surface grinder is also suitable for the fine grinding of any other circular piece like discs, rings or flanges.
It differs from the RTV600 because of its 9Kw motor, which gives more power on the grinding wheel axis and widens the range of working.

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Standard equipment
  • Head power feed
  • Splash and safety guard
  • Cooling plant complete with pump and settling tank
  • Grinding wheel dresser
  • Wheel dressing diamond
  • Cup grinding wheel for cast iron
  • Set of centering cones
  • Set of supporting rings
  • Dial gauge with support
  • Blocking screws
  • Lubricant for slides
  • Emulsifiable oil
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Maximum grinding diameter
630 mm
Rotary table diameter
450 mm
Max distance table-wheel
220 mm
Taper grinding wheel diameter
150 mm
Grinding wheel speed
2800 rpm
Rotary table speed
5÷30 rpm
Head motor power (RTV612)
4 kW (9 kW)
Table motor power
0,55 kW
Rapid feed head motor power
0,18 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1200x900x1600 mm
710 K
Accessories and spare parts