Brake disc and drum lathe
The TR470 machine easily and effectively reconditions all kinds of brake discs, drums or flywheels of cars and light trucks, as well as heavy duty vehicles' discs when supplied with proper accessories.
  • The monolithic cast iron body with high mechanical features ensures an excellent sturdiness and rigidity.
  • The practical Disc/Drum tool holder avoids to continually change the tool holder when you shift from the disc to the drum and vice versa.
  • The cross slide feed with adjustable speed always ensures the best surface finishing.
  • The adjustable rotation speed has 3 positions to always obtain the proper cutting speed, according to the diameter of the workpiece.
  • The standard equipment, including a 30 mm shaft and a wide set of centering cones and blocking bells, ensures the quick and accurate centring of the workpiece.
  • The AP50 optional equipment, including the 50 mm shaft and suitable cones and spacers, allows for the machine to be used in the machining of rotors and drums of heavy duty vehicles.
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Standard equipment
  • Disc/Drum tool holder
  • Insert tool holder for Drums
  • Insert tool holders for Discs
  • Ø 30 mm shaft with nut
  • Spacers
  • Centering cones
  • Clamping bells
  • Spring
  • Drum silencer band
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Min-Max drum capacity Max drum depth Max disc diameter Max disc depth Max disc thickness Spindle rotation speed Variable table feed speed Spindle motor Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight
150÷710 mm 210 mm 860 mm 150 mm 60 mm 70-100-145 rpm 0÷27 mm/min 0,75 kW 840x505x510 mm 205 kg
Accessories and spare parts
Replacement insert for UT0011, UT5008 and UT5009 (10 pcs.)
UT5008 / UT5009
Right (UT5008) and left (UT5009) hand L shaped insert tool holder
Comec VPS18 Ø18 mm
Adapter set for discs and drums - Ø 18 mm arbor
Comec APS50 Ø50 mm
Adapter set for heavy duty discs and drums - Ø 50 mm arbor
Adapter plates for hubless brake drums
Universal adapter plate for hubless brake drum
Comec TR0140
Base cabinet
Single phase version
Ø 160 mm self-Centering Chuck with adapter plate for dia.30 mm shaft
Ø 160 mm self-Centering Chuck with adapter plate for dia.30 mm shaft