The company begin its activity in 1961 as a mechanical workshop for subcontract working, but creativity and passion for the technique of its founder, Ing. Bruno Carniel, lead it, in the mid-60s, to the construction of the first combined machines for the reconditioning of cylinder heads, brake drums and discs. Given its success, he decides to devote full time to this new activity, definitely more rewarding but also more challenging than the former one.

A key contribution to the development of Comec comes in 1970 with the entry in the company of his brother Antonio, who, in addition to the enthusiasm for the new adventure, brings its technical knowledge gained in previous work experience. The division of roles within the company and the perfect harmony between the two brothers were and still are the elements that have contributed to the unstoppable growth achieving, year after year, new and more ambitious goals.

In the mid-90s enters the company also Andrea, son of Bruno, who begins his work experience from the production department where he acquired considerable technical expertise and a wealth of knowledge about the products that are very useful when, a few years later, he starts leading the sales department with the aim of expanding the company's presence into new markets and to organize and manage a sales network increasingly widespread.

Few years ago has added Enrico, son of Antonio that, de facto, decided to follow his father footsteps primarily orienting to the production. His vision of a modern and advanced enterprise, supported by mechanical engineering degree brilliantly achieved, are bringing significant changes in the management and organization, with the aim of making a company more and more advanced and in step with the times.

Comec is therefore the clearest expression of the real family business and the factory is our home for over 50 years: the values of honesty, commitment, seriousness and professionalism that have always characterized the family Carniel and handed down from father to son are the same principles that guide us in our daily work.
Gold Medal award ANIOC
Mercury Gold of the European Community
Gold Medal of the Chamber of Commerce of PN
Ongoing developments in transport, advances in technology, and most of all suggestions, advice and constructive criticism from the users, all go into helping us make constant technical adjustments to our products.

This is feasible thanks to a technical office, equipped with 3D software design systems which interact with the prototype department, in order to produce increasingly advanced machinery but still simple, practical and reliable in the long term use.
The vocation to export has always been a Comec's prerogative: in fact, more than 90% of the machines that we produce is sold in almost all countries of the World.
Such a wide spread is made possible thanks to network of distributors very ramified and extremely qualified, both from the technical and commercial point of view, who are regularly followed and supported by capable and well-prepared company's Area Managers. This guarantees the customer the maximum certainty at the moment of purchase – being he advised during his choice –, installation and, if necessary, post-selling assistance, by always assuring him our technical expertise as well as instantly available spare parts and accessories.
Also, Comec participates in numerous fairs of its sector directly or through its dealers, so to constantly promote its brand and to present its news to the market.