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Valve seat machine
The FSV100 is a boring machine for valve seats of motorcycle cars and commercial vehicles' engines that ensures perfect results, thanks to the working precision and extreme ease of use.
The spindle head moves on an air cushion allowing a quick and precise positioning of the tool holder head one the carbide tungsten pilot stuck into the valve guide.
The system of fixed pilot, combined with the tool head mounted on a spherical adapter, guarantees a fast and correct alignment and centering.
The double spindle advancement system offers a perfect tool feed speed, thanks to the fast front wheel and the lateral micrometric one.
The 360° pivoting fixture has a strong and rigid structure that avoids any tool vibration and increases the quality of the finish. Furthermore, the fastening of the cylinder head is extremely easy and quick, as well as the leveling done by the micrometric adjustment handwheel.
The accuracy is ensured by the electronic level display.
The machine includes in tthe standard equipment, several useful accessories such as the integrated vacuum gauge, a LED light, the storage tray wich improve functionality and usability.

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Standard equipment
  • Air float Work Head for light positioning
  • Air pressure filter/regulator
  • Universal 360 degree roll over Cylinder Head fixture
  • Adjustable Clamping Kit for special cylinder heads
  • Hardened spindle with taper tool holder
  • Infinitely variable spindle speed
  • Adjustable end stroke
  • Electronic level with readout
  • Cutting depth measuring dial gauge
  • APM100 Ball head drive adaptor
  • TH0375 Tool holder mandrel for 9,52 mm pilots
  • CUT2000 insert tool holder (18-30 mm)
  • CUT2001 insert tool holder (28-40 mm)
  • CUT2002 insert tool holder (40-60 mm)
  • TSF010 Tool setting fixture
  • Vacuum tester complete with pads
  • LED lighting system
  • Swing arm tool storage Cabinet
  • Removable Chip tray
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Max cylinder head dimensions (LxWxH)
746x228x150 mm
Valve seat diameter range
14÷76 mm
Spindle diameter
56 mm
Spindle toper
ISO 30
Spindle speed (range)
0-500 RPM
Spindle motor power
Spinde travel/Stroke vertical
180 mm
Work head travel horizontol-airfloot/airclamp
36 mm
Work head travel In/Out-airfloot/airclamp
50 mm
Work head tilt (either side of vertical zero)
Maximum distance from table to spindle
473 mm
Working air pressure
6 bar
Dimensions (LxWxH)
100x1170x2210 mm
710 Kg
Accessories and spare parts
UTxxxx- A
Multi-angle cutting Insert – A style
UTxxxx- B
Multi-angle cutting Insert – B style 
Drill chuck dia. 3÷16 mm with adapter taper ISO-30
Tool sharpening attachment with diamond wheel
Ball head Tool holder
Ball Head drive adaptor
Tool Setting Fixture
Insert holder
Fixed Tapered Carbide Pilot (Standard Shank 9.52 mm - .375”)
Fixed Tapered Carbide Pilot (Mini Shank 6,00 mm - .236”)