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Valve grinding machine
The RV516 is among the fastest and most accurate valve grinding machines now available on the market, thanks to its technical solutions. The centerless grinding system - that makes the valve rotate on its stem - ensures the perfect concentricity between the head and the stem (within 0.01 mm) and can operate a wide range of valve stem diameters (from 4 up to 16 mm) without the need for replacing any collet or spindle.
The valve drive system is performed by three motorized rollers. The top roller is tilted to automatically drive the valve on an adjustable control switch. This guarantees to accurately control each valve's lenght and to avoid to manually feed the valve towards the grinding wheel.

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Standard equipment
  • Movable head (for valves of up to 260 mm long)   
  • Abrasive grinding wheel
  • Wheel dresser
  • Wheel dressing diamond
  • Cooling system complete with pump and settling tank
  • Emulsifiable liquid (1 lt.)
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Valve stem diameter
4÷16 mm
Valve stem length
55÷330 mm
Valve head diameter
114 mm
Face angles
Grinding wheel speed
2800 rpm
Main abrasive grinding wheel diameter
215 mm
Butt abrasive grinding wheel diameter (ASM516)
100 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
700x600x700 mm
142 Kg
Accessories and spare parts
Base cabinet
Centering chuck for dia. 3-4-5 mm valve stems
215x35x76 mm Grinding wheel
Dia. 100 mm secondary grinding wheel
Wheel dressing diamond
Comec Adjustable halogen work light
Adjustable halogen work light