Comec cylinder head resurfacing machines can be used for cylinder heads and blocks of both cars and trucks. The experience gained by Comec in the resurfacing of cast iron and aluminum at high speed, has lead to the realization of this type of milling machines through a production cycle actuated according to a numerical control principle CNC, which allows series production with high quality standards. The high precision milling of this line allows to obtain perfectly flat contact surfaces.

The milling machines section includes the following machines: SPN800, RP330, RP850, RP1000, RP1000 CNC, RP1300, RP1400.
Comec offers solutions with basic features, such as SPN800, and more technologically advanced alternatives, such as RP1000 CNC, which has a self-sufficient and automatic operation, thanks to a laser sensor that scans the surfaces of the heads and automates the flattening.
All models are equipped with an adjustable console to be adapted to each user. In each machine it is possible to control the forward speed by means of an inverter to ensure an optimal result. The supply includes standard and optional equipment with accessories and spare parts depending on the machinery.

Cylinder head resurfacing machines