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Cylinder head pressure testing machine
Comec VPT160 Pressure tester for cylinder heads and blocks Comec
VPT160 is a hydraulic pressure tester that allows, with precision and ease, detection of possible cracks and leakage of cylinder heads and blocks by immersion in hot water.

The tank, complete with its cover, is manufactured of stainless steel and perfectly insulated to avoid heating dispersion. The water is heated by two powerful heating elements that operate independently and are controlled by an automatic timer which includes heating programs to optimize and reduce the electric usage. 

This machine can contain heads and blocks up to 1350 mm of length. 
The head is clamped on a cradle actuated by an hydraulic power unit that can move particularly heavy heads and blocks. This cradle also revolves of 360°, allowing the visibility of the whole head, even if when totally submerged, for an easy and prompt detection of leakage.

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Standard equipment
  • Flat cylinder head support parallels
  • Adjustable support parallels for wedge-shaped cylinder heads
  • Fixing crossbeams of Plexiglas plate with plates
  • L=380 mm fixing tension rod with nuts and washers
  • 500x250x30 mm Plexiglas plate
  • 800x250x30 mm Plexiglas plate
  • 500x500x8 mm Rubber sheet
  • 500x500x3 mm Rubber sheet
  • Side-locking plate with quick-release coupling
  • Standard equipment instruction manual
Maximum cylinder head capacity
1350x410x410 mm
Tank capacity
580 lt
Maximum cradle travel
550 mm
Heating elements
2 x 4,5 kW
Adjustable work temperature
0 - 90° C
Cradle rotation speed
4 rpm
Cradle up-down speed
60 mm/sec
Hydraulic station motor
0,75 kW
Cradle gearmotor
0,25 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1960x1100x1700 mm
510 Kg