On-the-truck disc lathe
The TD 502 machine completely changes the concept of disc reconditioning in trucks and buses.
No more time loss while disassembling the disc for bench turning. Now machining operations can be done directly on the hub.
This revolutionary idea has lead to the creation of a machine that minimizes the set-up time.
It is mounted on a swinging and height-adjustable self-aligning saddle that always guarantees the perfect matching between the machine and the hub (with no need for further alignment or centering operations with a comparator). The monolithic cast iron machine body has an empty central part that does not interfere with the truck reducer (especially on rear axles). This ensures that the machine positioning is very close to the disc, for a much more precise reconditioning operation.
Furthermore, the intermittent and adjustable feed ensures a precise finishing on any surface.

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Standard equipment
  • Tilting and self-aligning saddle
  • Right-end L shaped toolholder UT5008
  • Left-end L shaped toolholder UT5009
  • AA0251 Adapter ring
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Min-Max working diameter
100 ÷ 500 mm
Max disc thickness
70 mm
Max working width
150 mm
Rotation speed
70 rpm
Variable intermittent feed
0 ÷ 0,3 mm/rev
Motor power
2 Hp (1,5 kW)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
850x650x1050 mm
232 kg
Accessories and spare parts
Replacement insert for UT0011, UT5008 and UT5009 (10 pcs.)
Comec centering ring
10 Bolts Adaptor Ø: PCD 335 mm./Centering  281 mm
Comec centering ring
8 Bolts Adaptor Ø: PCD 275 mm/Centering 221 mm
6 Bolts Adaptor Ø: PCD 205 mm/Centering 161 mm
Comec centering ring
6 Bolts Adaptor Ø: PCD 245 mm/Centering 202 mm
Comec centering ring
5 Bolts Adaptor Ø: PCD 203 mm/Centering 164 mm
6 Bolts Adaptor Ø: PCD 202 mm
Comec TD5026 Dial gauge
Dial gauge for alignment
5 fori Ø: interasse 130 mm/centraggio 85 mm
5 fori Ø: interasse 118 mm (centraggio con dadi conici)
UT5008 / UT5009
Right (UT5008) and left (UT5009) hand L shaped insert tool holder
Comec TD5027  Soft-Starter
Soft-Starter with inverter
Comec MNF502 Single phase version
Single phase version with inverter and adjustable rotation speed