Rock specimen grinding machine
RP330-Z is a variant of the RP330 specifically designed for leveling and grinding cylindrical and cubic specimens of concrete blocks, bricks, rocks and natural stones
The samples are fixed on the worktable by means special clamps wich allow the grinding of many samples simultaneously.
The abrasive segments are mounted on a plate that moves by an axial rotation in clockwise and anticlockwise said "flag", by means of an automatic motorized movement.
The machine, made of sturdy metal powder coated, includes a user-friendly control panel, decanting liquid coolant tank (water with oil emulsifier), electric pump, set of abrasive segments, splash screen with automatic safety switch.
Also available as optional accessory, the suction kit RPZ050, for the dust produced by processing.

Images may show the product equipped with optional accessories
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Standard equipment
  • Base cabinet
  • Cooling plant complete of pump and settling tank
  • Segmented grinding wheel complete of grinding segments for bricks
  • Splash and safety guard
  • Grinding wheel dresser
  • Wheel dressing diamond
  • Pair of parallel supports
  • Locking clamps
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Table surface
670x270 mm
Maximum distance table to grinding wheel
390 mm
Grinding wheel vertical travel
210 mm
Diameter of grinding
330 mm
Spindle speed
1400 rpm
Feed speed (on both directions)
145 mm/min
Wheel head motor power
2.2 Kw
Feed motor power
0.11 Kw
Coolant pump motor Mod
0.06 Kw
Dimensions (LxLxH)
1220x1080x1670 mm
445 kg
Accessories and spare parts
Variable head spindle speed 700 ÷ 1400 rpm
Variable head feed
Automatic inversion of head feed
Dust Suction kit
* Connection pipes are not provided
Grinding stone for concrete
Single phase version