Comec has designed and created a line of cylinder heads equipment dedicated to all the processes on the heads. The category includes: three types of tanks (VPT130, VPT160 and VPT190) for carrying out a leak test, a support bench (BST860) for working the heads and the press (BGV220, BGV260) for the valve guides. Here are the main features of these machines:

-        VPT130, VPT160, VPT190: identify leaks in the engine blocks through immersion in hot water. The tanks are completely insulated to maintain high temperatures.
-        BST860: performs all the disassembly, reassembly and verification operations of the engine heads. This machine offers the possibility to adjust the position in order to allow you to always work in the ideal condition.
-        BGV220, BGV260: replaces valve guides on a wide range of cylinder heads, from vehicles to industrial vehicles.

All these models offer standard and optional equipment.

Cylinder heads equipment