February 2024
Focus on VPT130, VPT160 and VPT190 by The Ultimate Tooling

The influential machine tool website theultimatetooling.com dedicates an in-depth technical report on the methods of checking and verifying the tightness of cylinder heads and engine blocks, focusing on the best equipment that the automotive industry offers to carry out this process.

For this article, The Ultimate Tooling has taken a closer look at the Comec VPT130, VPT160 and VPT190 models, offering a detailed review and an interesting comparison of the technical specifications that distinguish the 3 variants.


The VPT130, VPT160 and VPT190 versions have been chosen as the best cylinder head pressure testers currently available on the market, thanks to the exceptional features of sturdiness, functionality and reliability that Comec machines are used to offering.

If you are an engine rebuilder who is focused and constantly informed about industry news, don't miss this interesting article that will surely help you choose your next cylinder head and block pressure tester.