March 2024
Comec and IoT innovation for CNC machines

CNC machines by Comec completely renewed with IoT

Comec revolutionizes the way we interact with technology, extending its benefits to CNC machining. The application of IoT to a CNC machine opens up a wide range of advantages and possibilities in daily work to improve efficiency, productivity, and flexibility.
Below are the main aspects that Comec has worked on to enhance machines equipped with touch panel such as ACF200.CNC, RP1400, RP1000-CNC, LEV300, LBM950.

  1. Data Monitoring
    Enables monitoring of the performed CNC machine processes, with collection of work parameters and cycle time.
  2. Remote Assistance
    Monitor software status and the possibility to update the machine to the latest release. In case of a malfunction, we are able to remotely check alarms and reset errors.
  3. Production Optimization
    Advantage: Improvement of production efficiency through analysis of operational data, allowing for the improvement of cutting parameters.
  4. Mass Customization
    Advantage: Enables flexible production, quickly adapting to changes in demand and product customizations.
  5. Safety and Compliance
    Advantage: Enhances workplace safety by monitoring operational conditions and ensuring that the machine operates within safe parameters.
  6. Energy Efficiency
    Advantage: Monitors energy consumption.   
The adoption of IoT in CNC machines not only increases efficiency and productivity but also opens up new possibilities for innovative services. This technology represents a significant step towards Industry 4.0, where connectivity, data collection, and analysis transform production processes.